We are a complementary team gathering our experience from highly demanding fields to serve medicine. Innovation, good-will and positive ambition are our watchwords.
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We are a complementary team gathering our experience from highly demanding fields to serve medicine. Innovation, good-will and positive ambition are our watchwords.
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After working for 15 years in high performance computing in the financial industry, creating and investing in companies in different fields, I wanted to build something less abstract and impact positively people lives, for the long term.

Fabien is PhD in quantum physics, which by the way, has been selected by Springer as one of the best thesis in the world. Even he worked with the most famous physicists teams, he decided to quit public research to follow the entrepreneurship path.

We have met at Entrepreneur First, a combination of an incubator and an investor. It’s a simple principle:
twice a year they gather about 50 (very) technical and (very) business people. Eventually, pairs are formed in order to build deeptech companies.  

When Google claimed they had reached Quantum supremacy, Alain sent their paper to the EF cohort. Only Fabien answered, very fast. He have never seen someone so enthusiastic and so smart. 

Finding the good co-founder is pretty tough. Complementary skills, good understanding, mutual confidence and ambition is usually what we look for. Actually, one tends to forget that empathy and goodwill are keys for a long-term partnership.

This is exactly what Alain had found. It was a match. 

So, how mixing a 15 years experience in high performance financial markets with a PhD in quantum physics legitimates our ambition ? The combination of our expertises is key to achieve our ambition: modeling real-life with mathematics and processing data in real-time . Even more important,  innovating in healthcare is not just about medicine anymore. It’s a combination of many sciences and technologies, and a common work of teams from very different fields. 

That’s how we work. With good partners, sharing our values with a crystal clear mission: saving lives.

alain habra - Team

Alain Habra

Co-founder & CEO

Alain co-founded several companies in different sectors such as Tredzone, Docorga, Fromaggio and Kimayo. Expert in High Performance Computing, he led Euronext to be the fastest stock exchange in the world.

Read Alain’s Bio

fabien niel - Team

Fabien Niel

Co-founder & CTO

Fabien has an engineering degree from CentraleSupélec. He has a PhD in theoretical physics from Polytechnique (Springer award), worked at CNRS, Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission and Max-Planck Institute.

Read Fabien’s Bio

A complete team combining business and technical skills
valerian vives - Team

Valérian Vives

HPC Expert & Architect
Lead dev
mihir 1 - Team

Mihir Sahasrabudhe

PhD in Deep Learning
Centrale Supelec
camille borel - Team

Camille Borel

Health data acquisition specialist
Project Manager
Ramzi Agougile - Team

Ramzi Agougile

yacine - Team

Yacine Tandjaoui

Intensivist & Pulmonologist
Vincent Jeanne - Team

Vincent Jeanne

World expert on rPPG
Holds more than 40 patents
thomas riquier - Team

Thomas Riquier

Public Affairs and Health
Pharmacist specialized
vanessa ralli - Team

Vanessa Ralli

Marketing Director
Health market specialist
patrick - Team

Patrick Block

Former MD @ Novartis
Our medical guide
Independant Scientific Committee
Nicolas Peschanski - Team

Nicolas Peschanski

Head of Department
Rennes Hospital
arnaud depil duval - Team

Arnaud Depil-Duval

Emergency doctor
Head of Innovation @AP-HP
joris galland - Team

Joris Galland

Internist & Head of Department
Bourg en Bresse Hospital
unknow boy - Team

Thomas Dumontier

Emergency doctor
CHU of Rouen
sylvain gadeyne - Team

Sylvain Gadeyne

Orthopedic surgeon
Head innovation projects
Clinique du Parc, Lille
yann kieffer - Team

Yann Kieffer

Emergency doctor
Orsay Hospital
Medical Director of Medacom