Smartphone is the next generation of Medical Device.

In the past years, health sector has changed, mainly because of the pandemic, which has allowed telemedicine to take off. Hospitals and physicians are overcrowded.

They need to get clother to town medicine  and patients.

Each of us has an evolved vision of health, and a different need.

Meanwhile, worldwide, 2 billion people are suffering from chronic diseases and need a follow-up. 
Thanks to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), we can reach up to 77% reduction in re-hospitalisation.

300 million major surgeries are made each year and need follow-up.
In France, ~30% of the mortality rate following surgery is due to a lack of post-operative follow-up.

Today, RPM is a necessity for healthcare, prevention and wellness. Indeed it is a need for the safety of our industry, and thus, for our economy.

Our mission is to actively participate in an efficient and equitable vision of healthcare.

We enable measurement and diagnostics for all.
Prevention care monitoring concerns EVERYONE


Those are shared by our team, partners, customers.

Quality Policy

Our goal, at, is to provide high medical value products and services that comply with applicable requirements and meet the expectations of patients and customers. Find here our full Quality Policy.

Working at means having the desire to develop an innovative project that makes sense.
Beyond skills, we are looking for bright & bubbly people, with a team spirit. 
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Regulatory & compliance
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