Healthcare solutions

You are a Healthcare Professional and are interested in a clinical study, or tests together?

As shared in our vision presentation, this is a fact : hospitals and physicians are overcrowded
They need to get clother to town medicine and patients.

But this fact underlights another one : medical deserts. E-health is mandatory to improve health access, also to free time for health professionals.

Therefore, health applications of our solution can be :

  • Remote Patient Monitoring : RPM is key. Thanks to Quantiq, you can track patient health, get a remote diagnose to adapt treatment and care needs.
  • Teleconsultation : for daily or followup needs, but also in medical deserts. A teleconsultation with Quantiq Healthcare allows time earning (for the physician, up to 7 minutes per consultation; and indeed for the patient)
  • Emergency : thanks to our medico economic study led during our multicentric clinical studies, we know that by using Quantiq, health professional earn up to 25% time per person

 And so much more to come, and work together.


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