Your health in your hands
Turn any camera into
a Medical Device*

Our Solutions

A 100% software solution.

Turn any camera into a medical device

Use smartphones and tablets for telehealth and consultations, thanks to our interoparable solutions.

shape the future of digital insurance

Engage the change and transform insurance into a daily pocket advisor, meanwhile reducing risk & costs.

Enrich your solution with our saaS aPI

As a software or hardware provider, integratre seamlessly into your exciting solution our health services.

Download your health companion

Imagine new possibilities for wellness and health prevention.
Smartphone is enough to get digital health markets.

Thanks to Cobox, our SaaS API,
we can assess your health in real time,
wherever you are, within 30 seconds.

Quantiq allows to get digital health markers anytime, anywhere.

You only need a smartphone to assess your health in real time.

Our partners


Jury’s favourite at innovation pitch for “Les acteurs de la French Care”

Laureate I-Lab 2022 – Cobox as medical technology

Spotted as E-health big trend startup in 2022, and 2023 by Interaction Healthcare

Medintechs 2022 Personality favorite trophy -Quantiq’s CEO, Alain Habra

Regulatory & compliance
*Under process for CE marking as a Medical Device
Instruction For Use (english)


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